Podcast Editing

You’re showing up and recording episodes every week packed full of great information. 


You can’t wait to share them with your audience but oh boy is it taking a long time for you to edit them. 


Hours are turning into days and days are turning into weeks.


In fact you’ve had to pull an all nighter to make sure your podcast goes out on time. 


Or worse, you’ve been late hitting publish.

You know regular and consistent content is the best way to build your audience and turn them into fiercely loyal fans but you’d also like an extra 10 million hours in the day.


I can’t promise you those full 10 million hours, but I can give you a whole load of time back to do whatever you want by taking the editing of your podcast off your hands.


Send me your raw recordings and I will 


  • Remove mistakes

  • Take out the ers, the erms and those other filler words

  • Shorten or delete long pauses

  • Top and Tail

  • Add intros and outros


All of this is done while keeping the flow of the conversation going and ensuring your authenticity remains and voice is heard loud and clear. 


And on top of that you’ll get an audiogram for each episode too.


Editing clients tell me they’ve saved around half a day a week in editing time. 


What could you do with that time? 


You also get a mentor call from me every month you sign up for podcast editing. 


In this call I will give you my feedback for all your podcasts you’ve sent that month.


I’ll cast my radio producer and presenter's ears across the episodes and highlight what I loved (and why) as well as what could be done differently.


£360 pcm for 5 x 30 min episodes

Want to find out more?

Just pop your details down and I'll send you over my pre podcast checklist. 

This is what I use to get all my podcasts from idea to published.

You'll also get a link to book a free 30 minute chat with me where we'll go through the checklist and then decide what's best for you after that.

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