Podcast Planning Toolkit

Fancy getting my brain in your hands? Don’t worry it’s not my actual real life brain, but the next best thing when it comes to your podcast.


The podcast planning toolkit is your bible for all things to do with your podcast.


If you’ve ever struggled with 


  • coming up with ideas for your podcast

  • Making your podcast planning consistent

  • Getting clarification on your podcast listener 

  • Planning each episode so your podcast flows with people searching your back catalog and hitting subscribe so they don’t miss the next episode.

  • Keeping track of your podcast episodes and guests

  • Getting your podcast out on time.


Then the toolkit is just for you.


The toolkit is the way I plan all my podcasts and the podcasts of my clients.


It gives you focus to understand your podcast audience so you consistently deliver content that will give huge value.


And it’s a place to keep all your podcast notes, planning and guest information.


Inside you’ll get…


  • Pre Podcast Planning Check Sheet

  • Creating your podcast brief

  • How to come up with a killer podcast title

  • Big picture overview of your podcast 

  • Individual episode planners for solo, co-hosts and guest episodes

  • Podcast producer checklist


And it’s not just the planner, you’ll also get a masterclass from me in podcast planning - so there’s no excuse to not start! 

Introductory price £39 and if after buying this you want to upgrade to a planning session you automatically get the price of the toolkit taken off the session.