7 New Year's Resolutions For Podcasters!

I wanted to share with you some new year's resolutions you can make that will help you with your podcasting this year, whether you are a seasoned pro or looking to start your first podcast in 2021

And I promise you these are all resolutions that you’ll want to stick to because they don’t involve losing weight or exercising!

1. Be consistent with your episodes

If there’s only one thing you decide to take up from this list of resolutions then please for the love of podcasting let it be this one.

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

It’s up to you what consistency looks like, but once you have decided if you are going to publish an episode weekly, fortnightly or monthly you need to make sure you are doing that.

I get asked quite a lot about whether it is ok to change the frequency of your podcast episodes and my answer is yes, but make sure you let your audience know. And keep telling them. In all the different ways!

So if you’re taking time now to reflect on what you are doing with your podcast this year then don’t be afraid to change how often you put out an episode - especially if that means you will be consistent this year. No matter what the year throws at us!

2. Be consistent with your podcast marketing

This is my resolution. I am not as good as I could be with telling people I have a podcast. It’s a classic example of the “do as I say, not as I do” phrase my parents would say to me when I questioned anything.

But it’s not good enough that I put all this work in and then forget to tell people about it.

So what will consistent marketing look like for me (this is a whole heap of accountability making right now!) I will be posting daily about my podcast on LinkedIn and instagram. I will also be upping the emails I send out too.

I will be that podcast bore! (Except you really can’t be a bore on social media or emails because we all know nobody apart from you sees all the content you produce).

3. Pitch to be a guest on other podcasts

There is a skill to this but getting yourself on the right podcast can do wonders for your podcast numbers. But only if the podcast you go on has the right audience for you and you can solve a problem for them and offer value. It’s simply another way to get in front of somebody else’s audience. I talk about being a guest on other podcasts in episode 36. So if getting on other podcasts is one of your podcast resolutions - get your ears around that episode.

I’m going to be on The Let’s Get Social Podcast with Philip and Eimer (eemer) this month which I’m really excited about and doing the interview (it’s pre-recorded a fair bit in advance) was so much fun. I’m so used to being the interviewer that it was good to be the interviewee.

I am setting myself a goal to be on at least 5 more - quality controlled - podcasts that are the right fit for me and my message.

4. Chat with your listeners more

There are a couple of ways you can do this.

First on social media - if you’re posting about your podcast on social media you should be making sure your posts have some good call to actions so you can get comments. I recommend you reply to those comments. Make it feel like a community that they are part of.

I also love replying to messages I get (when I see them) and emails. I love that somebody has taken the time to get in touch with me and I will always reply (just maybe not instantly). I hope this makes people feel as though they are part of my tribe!

Secondly you can chat with your listeners on your podcasts. Give them a shout out - if somebody asked a great question on social media - answer it and say who asked the question.

Despite working in radio for 20 years I still love getting a shout out. It’s a real buzz.

There’s also an opportunity if your listeners are really good at asking questions to get them to ring up and leave you a message with their question. There’s different apps you can use - or you can just get them record a voice memo and send it to you.

I love a bit of interactivity like this!

5. Listen to more podcasts

Get your ears across as many podcasts as you can. One of the best things I did this year was decide to start championing female led podcasts. It came from a session I hosted at Janet Murray’s 2021 Sorted event which was focused on Women In Podcasting. The fact is there are loads of women podcasters creating amazing content, rarely featuring in the charts. So this is my way of playing my part to help do that. Every Tuesday I do Turn Up The Volume Tuesday, where I listen to and recommend a podcast that is majority female run. This means I am hearing a brand new podcast every week, which in turn means I am learning more. Not just the content but how each podcast is produced, edited, what tits and tinsel bits are being added. The structure and how the host or co-hosts work.

Back in my radio days everybody in the industry was listening around to see, hear, what everybody else was up to.

Here comes my standard warning - DO NOT GO AROUND COPYING OTHER PEOPLE’S PODCASTS. But do get inspired to try something new, try changing the order you do something or the way you use your podcast.

6. Drink More Water

I know I promised no healthy stuff but honestly right now (and throughout the year) drinking more water will do your voice the world of good.

In winter as you go from cold outside to warm inside it can really dry out your vocal cords. The cold weather can really constrict your vocal cords and central heating whilst lovely and toasty is actually no friend to your voice I’m afraid. It’s so dry!

Good news! Warm drinks are great for soothing your throat, but you’re going to hate me when I say caffeine dehydrates your vocal cords. I know. I’m sorry. I’m a big fan of mint tea and also warm water with a load of lemon in it. I used to be fun at parties…

And it should go without saying that alcohol does not count as water either…

7. Keep having fun!

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s we need to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Podcasting is fun. If it’s not fun or becoming less fun you need to look at why. Yes it can take up a fair amount of time if you don’t plan or prepare. Could you look to outsource part of your production process - get an editor, book a planning session (with yourself or with me).

If even outsourcing some of the work doesn’t make you fall back in love with your podcast then consider taking a break. Or finishing it. Just because the podcast isn’t being updated doesn’t mean you can’t refer to it or use it for content. It’s there as long as you keep it up so point people towards it!

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