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Charity Podcast Case Study: Purple Rainbow Podcast.

In 2021 Charlotte Foster Podcasts teamed up with Purple Rainbow to create a 30 episode podcast series for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

The support organisation had been struggling with consistency in producing its podcast previously which meant engagement was low.

There is a rainbow consisting of 3 shades of purple. On the rainbow are 3 stars decreasing in size as you go up the rainbow. The text reads "Purple Rainbow. Pancreatic Cancer Podcast"
Purple Rainbow Podcast Cover

The goal of the podcast was to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer and the work of Purple Rainbow so that Purple Rainbow could increase fundraising.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month so after chatting Charlotte Foster Podcasts suggested doing a daily episode throughout the month so that the podcast would make an impact again. 

We provided support to research and interview guests for the podcast so that by using Charlotte’s journalism skills we could get the strongest stories to keep people listening and engaged.

We also planned the series so that similar stories and topics didn’t follow from one day to the next so that listeners would want to listen across the whole 30 episodes on what is a challenging and sensitive topic.

And we also supported Purple Rainbow with social media posts so that they could promote the podcast.

What we achieved

Looking at the stats between 1st November and 1st December 2021 the podcast was heard in 26 different countries. 

The top 3 countries for downloads were the UK, USA and Australia. 

But it was heard across all the continents apart from Antarctica. 

If we look solely at the episodes created in the respective years there was a 213% increase in the number of downloads from 2020 to 2021.

But the reach went further than the podcast listens. Purple Rainbow saw increases in social media reach because of the content produced from the podcasts meaning their awareness increased.

And the listeners didn’t just listen to the episodes we put out in November 2021. They listened to the back catalogue too which highlights one of the key benefits of podcasting - the podcasts are public for as long as you want them to be. There is no time limit on them so they can be discovered a year later.

The achievement we’re most proud of though is one we can’t put a monetary value on. 

We received a message from one of the researchers who we spoke to on the podcast to say they’d accepted new people onto their early screening trial as a direct result of the podcast. These people had heard about the trial for the first time on the podcast and got in touch thanks to a strong call to action and link in the show notes.

If you'd like to work with Charlotte Foster Podcasts to create your charity's podcast please get in touch.


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