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Case Study: Spark To Your Success Sexual and Gender Identity Podcasts for Back On Track Teens CIC

Charlotte Foster Podcasts and Back On Track Teens began working together in 2019. Initially the podcast was a monologue format with the founder, TeeJay Dowe, sharing her knowledge to help youngsters feel better about themselves.

There is a rainbow border to the white square. Taking up most of the space in that square are the words "The Spark To Your Success with TeeJay. Tayshan and some very special guests"
The Spark To Your Success Podcast Cover

But after a review in 2021 we decided the podcast wasn’t speaking to the right audience and needed to change so that it could be successful.

We worked together to identify the core marketing plans for the next two quarters so that we could match the podcast to the messaging coming from other platforms such as the website blog and social media. 

A big topic Back On Track Teens wanted to tackle is helping teenagers who were questioning their sexual and gender identities. 

These podcasts were about providing a community and opportunity for those youngsters who were questioning to learn from those who had already embarked on that journey. 

The goal of these podcasts was profile raising in this audience.

Because these podcasts were going to be so different from the ones previously recorded and published  we suggested they should be a limited run of episodes  and treated as a separate series so that we could target the messaging and marketing to the right audience without worrying about the previous audience or sending the new audience to content that wasn’t perfect for them.

We agreed a young person from within the LGBTQ+ community should be the main interviewer on this series so that the audience could relate to them and build up that trust. 

We worked with Tayshan to help her research guests, come up with questions and record the interviews so that the podcast was authentic for the audience.

What we achieved

We recorded 10 episodes which were all released on October 11th 2021. October 11th was chosen as release day because it is National Coming Out Day and this allowed Back On Track Teens an opportunity for extra PR around the podcast.

We released all the episodes in the series on one day because we were aiming at young people who have grown up in an on demand digital world rather than a “wait a week for a new episode” schedule. 

This was successful because it allowed us to tell multiple stories at once - which allowed the young people listening an option to hear the experience of somebody like them as soon as possible rather than waiting. This allowed Back On Track Teens to build a relationship with them more quickly.

The podcasts are evergreen content and are used in marketing for Back On Track Teens at appropriate moments. This helps save Back On Track Teens time when it comes to marketing and social media content creation because the content is already there.

Using the analytics available we can see that the majority of listeners to this series are under 27 years old. This compares to the original series which has a majority of listeners aged between 35 and 44 years old. So the podcast achieved its goal of reaching a younger audience and bringing more young people to Back On Track Teens.



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