How Can You Get More Out Of Your Podcast?

Making a podcast means making a commitment. You need to set aside time in your schedule to plan, write, record, edit and publish your podcast. So how can you make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to investing time and energy into your podcast?

Here's my top tops to getting the most from your podcasts.

Social media

I’m a big fan of getting my podcasts transcribed. This doesn’t have to cost much, in fact services such as (referral link) offer a free tier. I personally use it costs $0.25 per minute of raw audio. It’s not perfect but for what I want and need it for, it hits a high enough rate.

Once the podcast is transcribed I will search it for quotes I can use on social media.

If I’m feeling fancy pants I'll make a little quote picture in Canva (referral link) using a template and it’ll go on Instagram.

I also use the transcripts to help me construct posts on LinkedIn too.

Don’t forget your audiograms whilst also being a great way to promote your podcast they are social media content for you too. Your weekly podcast can feed your social media each week.

2) Blog posts

This leads nicely on to blog posts. If you’ve just spent part of your day planning and researching your podcast it feels daft not to get it out in as many places as possible.

You can either use your transcription as the basis of your podcast or if you use notes to read from during your podcast you can use them.

Good blog posts help show off your knowledge to a different audience and help boost your website. If you link them to your podcast they will also help drive people to your podcast.

3) Video

I have a confession to make at this point. Video makes me feel all types of queasy and it’s the medium I struggle with the most. But I am finally getting over myself and videoing my podcast as I record it.

I’m in good company too. Plenty of other podcasters are filming themselves recording their podcasts and putting it on YouTube from the superstars such as Joe Rogan to one of my own clients Shonette (go subscribe to The Happiness Injection on YouTube!)

And they’re doing that because YouTube is up there as one of the largest search engines on the internet. Technically it’s not a search engine in the sense that Google is, but people with problems to solve are looking for the answers on YouTube. That problem can be anything from Make Up Tutorials for over 40s to cat videos for the bored!


One of my clients has just had a book published (buy it here!) and she says it is entirely down to having her podcast.

From day one of her podcast starting in 2019 she had every episode transcribed and made into a blog.

That blog has now been adapted into the book. There are two more books still to come from the content over the last 18 months.

She is getting her message further and wider than before. And of course the book is bringing her sales too.

I (of course) think Podcasts are the best way to get your message across and are the easiest bits of content to repurpose. Repurposing your core message is a great way to make sure as many people as possible hear, see and read it.

Not everybody (yet) is listening to your podcast, not everybody is on social media and not everybody is spending days lost down the rabbit hole of YouTube.

But if you can use one bit of content to feed the rest without taking up more of your time then why wouldn’t you?

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