How Do I Record A Podcast Without A Microphone?

At last count I have seven (7!) different microphones. As well as stockpiling podcasts it turns out I've been hoarding microphones across my office and home.

So whilst that means working from home isn't going to cause too many issues for me when it comes to recording I understand working from home if you've not got the ability to use your normal recording set up might make recording your podcast tricky.

But don't panic because you can record on a decent smart phone and it will sound OK!

Don't believe me listen to today's episode of Turn Up The Volume Of Your Voice. I've recorded on both my mid range USB microphone and my iPhone so you can hear the difference.

There is of course a knack to it though.

And that is you should hold it in the same way you would hold it to make a phone call.

Easy as that.

And in case you don't know what that looks like here's a photo!

But why like this? Well it's because as soon as you put your phone up in to this position you trigger the background noise cancelling for the microphone. Also this is how your phone microphone is designed to be used. It makes sense to use it this way.

You don't need fancy recording apps either. Your voice memo recording app should happily do the trick too.

I've got a video showing this too it's here if you want to see me in action!

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