How Much Of Your Podcast Can You Outsource?

I've spoken in lots of detail about all the ways you can DIY your podcast. The different methods you can use to plan, record and edit your podcast by yourself.

But what I've not really spoken about is the options you have when it comes to outsourcing your podcast.

So that's what I'll do today. The different parts of the podcast process that you can give to somebody else to get on with while you do what you do.

Why you should outsource

I'll start with looking at why you might want to outsource parts of your podcast process. And it's the same reason you would want to outsource anything. To save you time. And in many cases it will be more profitable and make you money.

For example, I am not a graphic designer. At all - just check out my instagram @CharlotteFosterPodcasts for my natty Canva creations. And whilst I have fun in Canva and it is so easy to use, I got somebody who actually knows what they are doing to design my logo and to put my Podcast Toolkit together. I absolutely could have done it myself, but it would look as though I'd done it myself and it would have taken me double, treble probably quadruple the time it took my designer to do.

And all that time is time away from what I do best - podcasts.

I worked out the money it cost to have that done, took a guess at how long it would take me to do myself, added another half day for faffing about purposes and compared how much it cost to how much money I could make in that time. Yes, I was going to be in profit so it's a no brainer for me to get somebody else to do that.

And it's the same with podcasting. There is nothing stopping you from doing it all yourself. In fact I have given you loads of advice on how to do it yourself, but if you know doing it yourself is going to be a drain on your capacity to do your money making work then you should consider outsourcing.

What parts can you outsource?

Would it surprise you if I said you could outsource every single part of your podcast. To the point where you don't have to do a thing? Well you can. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

At the very least I would say you need to be the voice of your podcast if you are going for the whole personal brand element. It would be weird to hire somebody else to present your podcast to promote you and what you do.


I'll start with planning. I love planning. But if the thought of sitting down and figuring out what to do with your podcast feels overwhelming you've got people like me here to help. I and other podcast coaches, consultants whatever you want to call us, can work with you to plan the content of your podcasts.

I can do this through looking at what you've already got out there - blog posts, LinkedIn articles and other social media. Maybe YouTube videos too.

I can then work through ideas from this and get a plan for ten episodes flowing from one to the other. Remember we want people to binge your content and stick with you for as long as possible. Having content that works like a box set is ideal for this.

Sometimes it's actually really useful to have somebody come in and work with you to get planning. Sometimes when you are so involved and submersed in a topic - which you should be if it's your specialist subject! - it can be hard to see the bits you need to start with. I know when speaking to my husband about his favourite things he often starts his stories four steps in front of where I am. We don't share the exact same passions when it comes to hobbies.

I, and other podcast coaches, can help get that mess of ideas in your head and into a coherent flowing theme. You can word vomit everything at me and we'll break it down so it makes sense.

Researching and writing

You get your blogs written by a copywriter right? You might get your social media posts and LinkedIn articles written too.

Why not get somebody to write your podcast episodes for you to record? Plenty of people get others to write their speeches. When I was on the radio I didn't write every single word I spoke, others would also write the scripts. What I did do was edit them slightly to fit my voice and way I spoke.

But if you've not got the time to do that writing and research - then get somebody else to do it. But I would always recommend you tweak it to fit your voice. Change words that you'd never normally say, add words you would. Use it as your base.

The other issue with this is making sure you don't sound as though you are reading it. It's a knack.

There are also people who will find and book guests for you. And come up with the questions.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - it can be a real faff getting guests booked on. You've got a lot of too-ing and fro-ing to first of all approach and second of all get a yes. Then you've got to coordinate diaries.

If you have a PA then this could be a perfect job for them to do. There are people who run podcast guest agencies which are a good place to start.


You could get somebody else to record your podcast, but please don't. Your podcast is about raising your profile, about building your community and your authority. The whole point is it's you talking in your voice directly to your audience. Don't give that to somebody else. Please.

Saying that you can outsource the technical side of the recording. Yes I spend much of my life convincing you that you don't need a fancy pants studio, but going to a professional recording studio and paying somebody to do the engineering part will mean you save time in the post production. It will sound super sexy with minimal effort. If that's what you want.

Also having a producer with you when you are recording can really speed the process up. I act as a producer to help my clients. I am with them when they record and that means I can advise when you get stuck for a word or way of saying things. Or if you need to re-record a segment to make the edit smoother later. I can also help you keep on track if you start wandering down a line of thought that isn't really relevant. It makes the editing a whole lot easier!


This is probably the most outsourced part of the podcasting process. I say this because of all the podcast editors out there!

And it makes total sense to get somebody else to do this. There are a couple of reasons why I say this...

  1. You don't have to listen to yourself over and over again! I'm so used to my voice and there are still days I don't like hearing it. I know it's one of the things people get most het up about too. And I get it. I hate seeing myself on video.

  2. It can be really tricky and time consuming. You're using software that you might not be familiar with so it is going to take a while to learn the hacks, the shortcuts and the ways of the software in general. Editing audio to me is second nature - but that's because I've been doing it for a while. I also use editing software that is very similar to what I used in radio. And when I tried a different piece of software my editing time DOUBLED because I was all over the place.

  3. Having somebody else do your editing makes for a better podcast. Strong statement - but an independent pair of ears across your work means you can't self sabotage your work by keeping in irrelevant content because you love it. And yes I really should get myself an editor...

Above all I'd say editing is the most time consuming part of the podcast process - so if you need to free up some time this is where I'd concentrate to start with.

Show notes and faffy bits

Faffy bits is a very technical term. By faffy bits I mean uploading to whichever platform you're hosted on. I offer this as a service to my clients along with writing show descriptions.

Again though this is something you could get a PA to do. There are podcast PAs out there who deal with all of this faffy stuff.

Social Media and blogs

From your podcast you can create all sorts of social media posts and blogs. You've got the content so a copywriter could easily turn it in to a blog. And social media specialists will be able to take quotes and messages you share in the podcast and craft them in to relevant posts for you.

I often use quotes and audiograms to share my podcast messages.

PR and promotions

You need to tell people about your podcast otherwise how will people know it's there? There are some great PR people who specialise in podcast promotion. In fact I am going to start working with somebody in the not too distant future to help my clients get more publicity for their podcasts. Again this is about getting a specialist in.

So should you be outsourcing?

It's entirely up to you. I know that's a cop out answer but in all honesty you can do all of this yourself to some degree. If you are happy with using your time in this way then outsourcing isn't right for you yet.

BUT if you are struggling with the time it takes you to do your podcast, each episode is taking longer than you expected or if you know that in the time it would take you to do the work on the podcast that you could actually make more money, then it makes total sense to outsource your podcast.

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