Podcasting Through A Pandemic

I'm still struggling to not sing "My Corona" to the tune of "My Shorona" by The Knack, and since somebody on Twitter pointed out COVID-19 fits perfectly in to "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners I've not managed to shift that from my mind either.

But the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is something we all need to take seriously.

If you're a podcaster you may well be wondering how on earth you're going to keep up the podcasting with the threat of self isolating, working from home, the children out of school, no toilet paper left in the entire world and that's before we've even considered the fact you might get ill too.

But don't panic. I'm here every day this week to bring you advice and tips to help keep your podcast going.

So many people right now are experiencing panic, fear and uncertainty. Your podcast can provide them with that sense of normality and a break from the unknown.

Today's Top Tip to make sure you can keep your podcast on air is to PLAN PLAN PLAN!

While we are in a relatively calm moment take time out today with a cup tea to write down all the topics, questions you can answer, things you can talk about in your podcast for the next two months. This should only take 15 minutes tops.

You want at least 10 topics. This is your podcast stockpile. I then want you to find time tomorrow to flesh out these topics into podcast episodes.

On Thursday and Friday you are going to record them.

It's a lot to do this week, but by batch recording your episodes you are protecting your podcast series.

If this is too much you can also re-use your old episodes. I do love a bit of recycling. Again spend some time today going over your past episodes, which of them deserve some love? You can re-record the intro and outro to explain it's a repeat and add a bit of context too, This is such an easy hit if you've got a long standing podcast.

If you think this is all going to be too much change the frequency of your episodes. Drop down to fortnightly or even monthly. This is far better than just stopping. But make sure you tell your audience. Keep them on the journey with you.

Lastly give your kit a wipe down. When was the last time you cleaned your kit? Now is a good time to start getting in to a good habit of cleaning it every time you use it.

I mean - think how close you get to that microphone...

Stay safe, keep smiling and if you want a bit of extra support during this time (and beyond) come join The Business Pod Squad on Facebook. I'll be popping up there to do some lives and offering a few extra bits and bobs.

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