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Should You Start A Podcast If You're Already On YouTube?

YouTube is brilliant. It’s the second most visited website in the world after Google (who own YouTube). Globally adults spend on average 42 minutes on the platform every day. And not just on cat videos.

Podcasts are consumed in an entirely different way to videos.

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Video content tends to be shorter and of course demands your full attention on the screen. Podcasting favours longer form content and the audio can be listened to while doing other things. Your voice on a podcast becomes a companion to your listener often as they try to distract themselves from boredom.

Podcasting has the potential to bring in a whole new audience. And it’s an audience you will appreciate too. Research shows that most podcast listeners in the UK are ABC1s. So that’s professionals with money - great for potential fundraising.

And podcasts have the edge when it comes to sensitive storytelling. Guests don’t appear on camera allowing those who don’t want to show their faces a space to tell their story.

If you are dealing in sensitive topics it’s easier for your audience to be discreet when listening to a podcast than have a film on their screen so this is a great opportunity for you to reach people who may feel uncomfortable watching a video or who may not be able to watch a video.

But of course there is the matter of how do you maintain a YouTube channel and a podcast? You’re already busy enough and the budget is tight.

Well that’s where repurposing comes in. You can use the same topics on both, you can base your podcast on your old YouTube videos - the ones that are really successful and of course you can record your podcast and post it to your channel.

So if you’ve got a YouTube channel should you be adding a podcast to your marketing toolkit?

Of course I’m going to say yes, but only if it’s right for you. If your YouTube channel is bringing in the audience you want and is hitting the targets you are setting for it then you probably don’t need a podcast just yet.

But if you want to gain a new audience, add more content for your social media and website and get insight into that audience and it’s behaviours then get in touch with Charlotte Foster Podcasts and find out how podcasting can do all that and bring more donations to your charity.

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