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Turn Up The Volume On Your Voice Episode 1. You Shouldn't Have A Podcast transcript

Welcome to the turn up the volume on your voice podcast with Charlotte Foster.

Yes. Turn up the volume on your voice is a podcast all about podcasting, but with an eye on the UK scene in particular.

My name is Charlotte and I've been podcasting since 2017 before that, I was in radio. In fact, the first time I went live behind a microphone was in 1998.

[00:00:34] Yeah. Last century. I love listening to podcasts, making podcasts, and helping others make podcasts too. All through my business, Charlotte Foster Productions. I promise you, I am far more creative when it comes to podcasting than I am when it comes to making up names for businesses.

Welcome to episode number one of Turn Up The Volume On Your Voice podcast.

[00:01:02] Hope you are as excited as I am about this journey that we're both about to go on along these podcasting worlds that we're discovering together. It's going to be fun. That's the main thing. It is going to be fun. Hopefully along the way we will be learning some things as well and finding out a bit more about podcasting and the world of podcasting too.

[00:01:25] To start with, I thought it'd be really good to sort of go back to the basics of podcasting, so we'll do those four W's. The how, that's not a w that's an H. The what, the why, the who, the where, and the how as well. So looking then at the most obvious one to start with, why, why do you want to start a podcast?

[00:01:48] I'm going to look at some reasons why you should, and importantly why you shouldn't start a podcast. And I don't know, it sounded a bit weird. I've just launched a podcast all about podcasting and why you should get involved in podcasting and why podcasting's brilliant. But we've got to look at the reasons why, the reasons why are so important, and if you haven't got a good enough reason why to do a podcast, they don't do a podcast.

[00:02:13] Sometimes it's just not right or it might not be right for now. So let's look at some reasons why you should and shouldn't. In fact, I think I'm going to start with the reasons why you shouldn't, because once we've got them out of the way, we can then get excited about why you should be podcasting.

[00:02:28] Okay, so reasons why you shouldn't podcast. Well, really, really, one. Very good reason why you shouldn't podcast. You shouldn't be starting a podcast because everybody else is doing it. I know. It feels like everybody's talking about podcasting at the moment. It's certainly getting a big boom out there.

[00:02:45] It seems to be on everyone's mind. Have you got a podcast? Have you heard this podcast? Are you doing a podcast? It could feel like, Oh heck, I really need to be doing a podcast. Should I be doing a podcast? Am I missing out on something by not doing a podcast? It could be all kinds of things going around your head and if you're thinking that you need to start a podcast because everybody else has got a podcast, let me tell you now, that's not a good reason to be starting a podcast.

[00:03:10] You can't start a podcast because your mate has a podcast. You can't start a podcast purely because you're seeing other people. Maybe you're doing this for business. You're thinking, Oh, my competitor's got a podcast oh I bet they're picking up lots of business it. I'll do a podcast. I need more from you.

[00:03:27] I need your why to be much bigger than "everybody else is doing it". "It seems like a good idea cause so and so's doing it" or "it seems like a good idea cause they're doing it." Also, it's not particularly good idea to be starting a podcast if it's just because you've been told by other people that you should start a podcast, you know?

[00:03:47] "Oh, you should start one. Have you thought about it? You, you need to be getting a podcast. You do." Not all reasons are good reasons are they? Just because everybody else is doing it and because someone else has told you you should do it, on their own, aren't to get enough reasons. You can't be getting involved just because you think, Oh, I might get, you know, you've got FOMO, you've got that fear of missing out.

[00:04:09] FOMO is not a good enough reason on its own to be starting a podcast. And I'll tell you why, because podcasting is actually quite difficult. Actually. I'm going to rephrase that. Podcasting isn't difficult. The, the act of podcasting itself isn't that difficult. What is difficult is the commitment to podcasting.

[00:04:34] This is one of the reasons why it's taken me so long to commit to doing a podcast. Because from previous podcasts I've had, I know it's blinking hard work to do that commitment cause it's not just rocking up with a podcast episode.

[00:04:49] It's the stuff that goes on before you get that podcast episode recorded. So the preparation and the planning for it, and then on top of that. You've also got the post episode stuff to be doing with, so you need to get it transcribed. You need to get the video sorted. If you want to do a video and you need to get the show notes written, the episode notes written.

[00:05:11] There's a fair bit of work involved, but once you start doing it, once you get start getting in, that rhythm becomes much easier. And also, you know, you do get a lot of content from it that you can use and other bits and bobs. So we'll talk about content and content repurposing in a, in a different episode.

[00:05:27] But showing up every week, having something to say every week isn't always easy. So if you're only doing it because you're worried, you're going to be left behind and everybody else is doing it and you haven't really put much more thought or effort into it, then maybe just maybe that's not a good enough reason on its own.

[00:05:52] Right? That's a buzzkill Foster over and done with. Let's get fun, Charlotte, and tell you why podcasting is great. Podcasting is brilliant for a few, a few? Loads of different things and loads of different ways of getting you out there. So why should you be starting a podcast? Well, number one, you should be starting a podcast if you have something valuable to say.

[00:06:17] Yeah? Something valuable to say. Maybe it's a skill you want to pass on, that skill could be anything from, I um, business skills. Maybe some tutoring skills that you've got. Maybe , you're a teacher and you want to pass on some English skills, some English as a foreign language skills maybe.

[00:06:32] Or, um, I tried to learn German via a podcast. I did German at school instead of French. And I did it to A level. Got an E at German A-level. And you know what? Genuinely that is the proudest A Level I've got cause they told me I was gonna fail. Um, I can only just tell you how to get to the train station and if your answer isn't anything apart from, it's the second street on the left, I will get lost.

[00:06:54] I really fancied having a go at learning German again and there's so many options out there. If you're listening to, if you want to get some German language skills back up to to where you want to be there are there, there's podcasts out there, any kind of like most languages are covered with podcasts.

[00:07:09] So if you've got that skill that you want to share, there's a podcast out there. Maybe you want to learn how to run the Couch to 5K is a great podcast that people listen to you as well. All sorts of skills that you can share. That's a really good way of putting your message out there that you've got this skill, you can share it and people will learn from it and people are so grateful. I'm grateful with the Couch to 5K.

[00:07:32] Maybe you've got a story to tell. So that story could be fiction. So many good podcasts out there about, um, fiction, like audio dramas or storytelling. I love a good story told. Make sure though, if you are doing that, you're not using someone else's work.

[00:07:52] Yeah? Please .Copyright issue is going to be all over the place. It has to be your own original work. Bear that in mind, please.

[00:08:00] Or maybe you want to tell your life story Floella Benjamin, yes, I'm a play school baby, so I adore Floella Benjamin, she's been telling her life story on her podcast, which is absolutely fascinating, really interesting to listen to. It's been really entertaining. Podcasts are meant to be entertaining. Remember, they're not necessarily all about learning and information. They are there for fun as well.

[00:08:24] Maybe you are a writer, a comedian, a poet. And you want to sort of put some material out there. Like I said earlier, if it's your material, fill your boots.

[00:08:34] What a great way of getting your comedy, your set out there. What a great way of putting your, your material out to the world. Remember, podcasts are global. Anyone can listen to them desperately. That's brilliant. I love that. I absolutely love that so if you want to be discovered for what you do, whether that's art, writing or maybe your business as well. They really, it is a great way to get discovered in business and doing some networking as well. If you want to do some networking, you can do that brilliantly with podcast. You can offer people to come on your podcast and then, you know, great way of getting hold of people that you want to meet without sounding like a weird stalker.

[00:09:18] Hi, would you come on my podcast? Love to talk to you, loved you, loved what you said about this, this, and this makes perfect sense.

[00:09:25] Maybe staying with the business theme you run a business, involved in business and you can see podcasting as a great extension to your branding. It's a way of spreading the words about what you do, boosting your credibility because you're telling everyone what you do on a public stage.

[00:09:46] You're not afraid of telling people who you are, what you are and how you do it. It's especially good, I think, if you are your own brand. So someone like myself, funnily enough, I am my own brand. I am Charlotte Foster Productions. I put my name front and middle of that title so.

[00:10:05] I am my brand, so I really should be podcasting. Why is it taking me so long? We'll do that in another episode. Podcrastination is what I call it. I'm sure someone else has called it that before, but in my mind, I've made that word up, podcrastination. Podcrastination is another episode, but it's a great opportunity to talk directly to, to clients and to people who aren't your clients yet.

[00:10:31]Sometimes you just build up advocates and fans and they are also worth their weight in gold.

[00:10:38] Maybe you want to build a community that. Is where podcasting really does come into its own. And I know it sounds a little bit weird, but I think podcasts are one of the most community minded forms of broadcasting going because there's so many fan podcasts out there. It reminds me a little bit of internet forums of the nineties so if you were on online in sort of the mid nineties when it was still probably dial up and you had to deal with all the dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah.

[00:11:09] And you had your mum shouting at you cause you'd been on for nearly an hour and yet to hang up and then restart again. Anyway, I digress. But internet forums of the 90s were just brilliant because you had little, little groups of people that would come together. And be unashamedly geeky and adoring of their thing, whatever that thing was.

[00:11:30] So today you can find podcasts, fan podcasts about all sorts. About The Archers. I think I might, may have admitted this before, but I'm a big fan of The Archers, the, uh, the Radio 4 drama that is The Archers. And there's a fan podcast about The Archers, um, where people ring in. They leave a message, that message and it gets played out on the podcast and everyone has their little nicknames and then we discuss what's going on and then that podcasts, episode will then kind of almost, the discussion always gets carried on on the Facebook group and it's a really engaged community of people and it's a safe space for people who love The Archers to come along and just say, I didn't like that episode, or I loved this episode, that kind of thing.

[00:12:15] Same with all kinds of different programs. It doesn't have to be, you know, geeky Radio 4 dramas, Game of Thrones, Bake Off, the Bake Off has so many fan podcasts, Made In Chelsea has fan podcasts. What else is there? Anything that you can think of that has a fan base, I bet you there's a fan podcast about them.

[00:12:34] Sports teams. Ah, if you are a fan of football, your team is covered rugby, your team is covered during the rugby world cup, still getting over that defeat in the final from England in the rugby world cup, I was listening to different podcasts about, you know, what was going on in Japan, like it was going out of fashion.

[00:12:51] So then I felt part of that community, I felt involved and it just sort of brought the rugby world cup to life for me a little bit more. So yeah, if you want to build a community, a place that you can attract your tribe your gang. It's a great way of doing it. Maybe you are a female business owner and you want to attract a group of female business owners to your little club. It's almost a bit like networking. You can do that. Do it, run it, a female business owners podcast, maybe you're a female podcaster, the She Podcasts gang. That's a great podcast and Facebook group and community that's been involved there from the she podcasts podcast, which is now this year, had their own first, uh, conference.

[00:13:36] Fantastic.

[00:13:37]Runners. So many podcasts about running and cycling, parents, mums, mum podcast, dad podcasts, childless, but happy couples podcast. Honestly, it's all everywhere. And charities. Charities can build up a really good community through podcasts. I help two charities have their podcast to go out and they say they really appreciate the, the kind of, the sense of community that comes from that.

[00:14:04] The telling a story. Remember we mentioned about storytelling. They're telling their story on their terms. They're not worrying about how long they've got on radio. They not worrying about how long they've got on telly. They're telling their story on their terms. So community and podcasting is just, just brilliant.

[00:14:24] Maybe you want to be known as an expert in your field. Well, what better way to be known as an expert in your field than by talking about what you're doing and talking about it in public? You are going to raise your game. Absolutely, because you're going to be forcing yourself to, to learn more, and you're going to be forcing yourself to just get out there and put yourself out there.

[00:14:47] Brilliant way of becoming an expert or being known as an expert in your field. Similar to that. If you want to become a better speaker, what great way of learning to become a better speaker then speaking all the time. Practice makes perfect. I think it was my mum who used to tell me that all the time.

[00:15:04] Charlotte Louise practice makes perfect. Yes. Louise is my middle name. Most people who were born in 1980 are called Louise.

[00:15:11]I also say as well, you know, it's a great way of becoming discovered, a great way of building trust as well. I think in particular, podcasting more than any other medium as a way of building trust is because having a conversation and talking.

[00:15:29] It really intimate. It's as easy as that. It's really intimate. And the vast, vast majority of people that listen to podcasts, listen with headphones on, which means the rest of the world around them doesn't really exist in the same way.

[00:15:45] You're not battling noises. You're not battling other distractions. It is a really intimate one to one conversation, and that is powerful. That is so, so, so powerful and you need to keep that in mind when you're making a podcast as well.

[00:16:04] And also. This is a good one as well.

[00:16:07] I briefly mentioned a little bit earlier about content and content repurposing, and I said we will go into detail in another episode about this, but if you want to up your content game, having a podcast is a really easy way of doing it. I know I said podcasting's a bit of a faff and it is, but just think about it, right?

[00:16:24] If you have a podcast, then you've got audio. Film it. You don't have to put every bit of the video on Facebook or on Twitter or wherever that you've got a video of you talking that can go out on your social media. It can go on your YouTube channel, go and get your audio transcribed.

[00:16:46] A) that helps people who have got hearing difficulties

[00:16:49] B) you've got the basis of a blog going. Brilliant.

[00:16:54] And also from there you can get some little quotes, which you can whack out on social media as well. And then on top of that, get some, you get audiograms going as well. So you've kind of got your content sorted from a podcast. So if you're going to be doing all of that anyway, why not just do a podcast on it as well?

[00:17:12] Hey, why not go on, go on.

[00:17:14] So there's some of the reasons I think are really good for why you should be starting a podcast, but number one, I would say the number one reason that you want to do a podcast and you should be doing a podcast is because you've got something to share. You've got something to say that is worth hearing.

[00:17:33] And if it stops being fun, stop the podcast. If it's becoming a ball ache, stop the podcast or go on hiatus, go on a pause. If it's not fun, don't do it. Life's too short. It really, really is. So thank you very much for listening to today's episode, our first episode. Woo. Woo. Let me get a whoop whoop.

[00:17:55]Um, I want to know from you today what your reason is for starting a podcast, or was if you're, you know, fair way down the line if you've started your podcast, I want to know why.

[00:18:03] What was it for you that you said, yeah, this is it. This is what I'm going to be doing. I need a podcast. I'm going to start a podcast.

[00:18:10] Tell me, please tell me. You can get in touch with me, all different sorts of ways.

[00:18:13] I will obviously put the ways of contacting me in the show, episode description as well, so you can get in touch with me on Instagram. I'm trying out Instagram at the moment.

[00:18:26] @Charlottefosterproductions is where you find me on Instagram and on Facebook.

[00:18:29] Charlotte's pod squad is my group on Facebook. Come join me in the pod squad.

[00:18:33] I am @Cfosterpdns someone took productions first. Not happy. C foster P DNS on Twitter

[00:18:44] And LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn as well.

Make me look like I've got lots of business connections. Charlotte foster is who I am on there and my website

Is also there as well. So we will see you in there. Not too distant future.


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