Turn Up The Volume Tuesday 1 - The Janet Murray Show

Welcome to the first ever Turn Up The Volume Tuesday

Every Tuesday I will champion a women led podcast in the hope you will listen to it, enjoy it and together we can help increase the visibility of women podcasters.

This all came from a panel I was leading at Janet Murray's #2021 Sorted event last week. It was all about women in podcasting. Lots of the attendees said they listened to podcasts by women, but yet we rarely see them in the podcast charts.

So this is my attempt to change that and make more women led podcasts more visible to the world.

We can't be what we can't see (or hear!).

Before I kick off with my first review I would like to clarify a few things

1) For the purposes of this I am using the term women to cover anybody who identifies as a woman. I will also include podcasts by people who identify as non-binary in my reviews but I will make it clear they are non-binary and use correct pronouns.

(If I do make a mistake in this please tell me! I want to learn, but please be kind.)

2) Yes! I would love your recommendations so please fling them my way. If you're recommending your own or one you are connected with please let me know, just for transparency. (You can take the girl out of the BBC, you can't take the BBC out of the girl!). I really want to hear podcasts by women of colour and from the LGBTQ+ community. My knowledge of these podcasts is woeful and I would like to change that!

3) Please get involved in the conversation once you've listened to the podcasts I'm talking about - and also please share what I'm doing. The more ears on these podcasts the better!

The Janet Murray Show

It's a tiny bit "suck up" of me I know, but I'm starting with Janet Murray's podcast because without Janet asking me to lead the panel and pose the question about what we can do to stop podcasting being a "white male thing" then Turn Up The Volume Tuesday wouldn't exist.

The Janet Murray Show is a podcast to help you grow your online audience. It comes out weekly on a Friday and has been going for more than 400 episodes.

It's hosted by, Janet Murray with occasional guest interviews. It's typically between 30 - 60 minutes long.

This podcast is packed with valuable advice and solid actions you can take if you want to build your online audience.

Janet's authority shows throughout and she shares her experiences and lessons she's learned along the way.

I've been listening for at least 18 months now and as a direct result of the podcasts have implemented ways of working that have seen a boost in social media followers and a boost in sales.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this podcast so please leave a comment.

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