Every Tuesday I champion a woman led podcast in the hope you will listen to it, enjoy it and together we can help increase the visibility of women podcasters.

This week after getting several messages about it I took a listen to...


I can't believe I've only just got my ears around Teresa Heath-Wareing's podcast. I've been missing out on so much.

The podcast episodes are published weekly on a Monday with a mix of interviews and solo episodes. Interview episodes are around an hour long and the solo ones shorter - approximately 30 minutes. The solo and interview episodes tend to alternate each week.

It took me approximately 2 minutes to fall in love with Teresa, her style and her humour. It didn't take much longer to know I was getting huge amount of value too. I popped her podcast on during a walk on the weekend. That walk took about an hour longer than I'd planned because I had to listen to "just one more" episode. It was pure bingeable content, which is the dream right?

Teresa's style is very down to earth. She explained things clearly and what I really enjoyed was how she said where she has gone wrong in the past or even her hang ups now. I really appreciate the honesty and the reality of that. And of course podcasts are the perfect place to be open and honest.

I will be using her tips around Instagram in particular over the next few weeks as I play around on the platform a bit more.

You can find Marketing That Converts on Teresa's website

Please keep sending your podcast recommendations to me. I'm loving discovering new podcasts and being able to share them.

I am more than happy for you to send me yours or one you are connected to as long as a) it is majority women led and b) you tell me you have a connection to it.

For clarity I am using the term women to cover anybody who identifies as a woman. I will also include podcasts by people who identify as non-binary in my reviews but I will make it clear they are non-binary and use correct pronouns.

(If I do make a mistake in this please tell me! I want to learn, but please be kind.)

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