Turn Up The Volume Tuesday 8 - Of Mountains & Minds

Every Tuesday I champion a woman led podcast in the hope you will listen to it, enjoy it and together we can help increase the visibility of women podcasters.

I almost didn't do this today because of the announcement last night about England going in to full on lockdown.

It knocked me if I'm being honest. But one thing that keeps me sane is getting outside for a walk or a run. And that reminded me of this podcast.

Of Mountains & Minds is a lovely podcast that speaks to people who've been through all sorts. Sometimes it's a ridiculous endurance event or a serious life event. Host Caroline McKay speaks to such a variety of people and I love her conversational style of just talking with extraordinary people.

Because they are all interview episodes they tend to be on the longer side - all of them are around 60 - 90 minutes which is perfect for me when I want to go on a walk or a run.

Caroline produces these in series and the podcast is on a break after finishing series 7 last year. But this means you have time to catch up all the previous episodes.

And I promise once you start you'll be hooked.

You can find out more on the Of Mountains & Minds website here and listen to the podcast where you normally listen to podcasts.

I'd love to know what you think of the podcast and do please keep sending your podcast recommendations to me. I'm loving discovering new podcasts and being able to share them.

And remember I am more than happy for you to send me yours or one you are connected to as long as a) it is majority women led and b) you tell me you have a connection to it.

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