Turn Up The Volume Tuesday - The Business And Beyond Podcast with Emma Dempsey and Niki Hutchinson

Every Tuesday I champion a woman led podcast in the hope you will listen to it, enjoy it and together we can help increase the visibility of women podcasters.

This week I've been listening to The Business and Beyond Podcast with Emma Dempsey and Niki Hutchinson.

It's described as "A place for you to be part of the conversation around how to run a successful business (whatever that looks like to you) and live a great life, because we know as business owners, that one impacts the other."

This is the first in my Turn Up The Volume series that has two hosts and I enjoyed the conversations Emma and Niki have with each other. It's very much like having a coffee and a brainstorm about business with the pair of them.

The episodes are around the 20 - 25 minute mark and there are guest interviews here and there too. Sometimes Emma and Niki do the interviews together other times they take turns.

Emma and Niki are warm and confident hosts and as always I found loads of valuable advice to take away. The episodes are well targeted with topics well timed to speak to listeners and answer the pains they are going through. Recent episodes about overwhelm and setting boundaries really hit home! ​ ​

You can listen to The Business and Beyond Podcast here or search for it where you normally listen to podcasts!

I'd love to know what you think of the podcast and do please keep sending your podcast recommendations to me. I'm loving discovering new podcasts and being able to share them.

And remember I am more than happy for you to send me yours or one you are connected to as long as

a) it is majority women led and b) you tell me you have a connection to it.

For clarity I am using the term women to cover anybody who identifies as a woman. I will also include podcasts by people who identify as non-binary in my reviews but I will make it clear they are non-binary and use correct pronouns.

(If I do make a mistake in this please tell me! I want to learn, but please be kind.)

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