Turn Up The Volume Tuesday - The Dream

Every Tuesday I champion a woman led podcast in the hope you will listen to it, enjoy it and together we can help increase the visibility of women podcasters.

​ This week's podcast is The Dream - it's the first non-business podcast I'm sharing with you. Season 1 of The Dream helped me through my week of half marathons in September. I thought you might need some good distractions over the next couple of weeks!

In season one host Jane Marie explores the world of MLMs (multi level marketing) businesses. I know MLMs are a hot topic and I'm not here to judge anybody's decisions about being part of an MLM or network marketing.

And whilst it's clear Jane Marie is not a fan of MLMs she does examine the industry with a kindness to people who are involved at the lower levels. The higher levels get very short shrift!

There are some real jaw dropping moments in this series. I wanted to hear more from the companies involved, but I understand they did not want to be involved. But there was one episode when Jane Marie interviews an industry representative so you do get some balance. (Although I wanted her to let him speak a bit more than she did. In fact I felt quite uncomfortable listening to this episode. But that's no doubt my BBC training coming through!

I'm starting Season Two as I prepare to take part in RED January - it's all about the wellness industry, which in many cases is closely linked to MLMs. ​

You can listen to The Dream on Stitcher or all the usual platforms

I'd love to know what you think of the podcast and do please keep sending your podcast recommendations to me. I'm loving discovering new podcasts and being able to share them.

I am more than happy for you to send me yours or one you are connected to as long as a) it is majority women led and b) you tell me you have a connection to it.

For clarity I am using the term women to cover anybody who identifies as a woman. I will also include podcasts by people who identify as non-binary in my reviews but I will make it clear they are non-binary and use correct pronouns.

(If I do make a mistake in this please tell me! I want to learn, but please be kind.)

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