Ways You Can Measure Success For Your Podcast (Spoiler Alert - it’s not just about numbers!)

Starting a podcast for your business is really exciting but how do you know if your podcast is actually successful?

Here’s 5 ways you can measure your success.

The number of listens

This is the way most people will measure success. How many people are listening. You can find this data out via your host site - they will often have analytics showing lots of data about your audience.

You may even make it into the podcast charts - again another indicator of how many downloads you’re getting.

But I want you to think about this for a minute. It’s all well and good getting thousands of listeners, but are they doing anything apart from listening? Are they joining your mailing list? Are they becoming members of your community? Are they engaging with you?

I’m a big believer in quality over quantity and would happily sacrifice a huge audience for a smaller, more engaged fan club.


When I say ratings and reviews I mean the 4 and 5 star ones. Not the 1 star ones.

It’s lovely getting positive reviews. Especially when they are from strangers and not your mates who you’ve asked to boost your ratings.

Getting these positive ratings is obviously a measure of success because you are making enough of a positive impact on somebody that they want to tell you this. You can then use these reviews when talking about your podcast and marketing it. Definitely one for the feel good bank.

Big Name Guests

If you have a podcast where you interview other people I’m pretty sure you have a wish list of dream guests right? That’s not to say your other guests aren’t pretty special but we’ve all got an A-List.

Getting one of those big name guests on your podcast is a cracking sign of success. It shows you are credible and BNG thinks so too.

A word of warning about BNG - while they’ll come on your show it’s unlikely they’ll give you much publicity from their channels. They have no drive to that. But it does of course make you look super connected to your audience.

Call To Actions

You should have a call to action in every episode of your podcast. It doesn’t have to be buy my stuff, it can be sign up to my list, follow me on social media, send me a message.

Easy and accessible stuff.

If you can see your listeners signing up, following you or sending you that message then that is a successful podcast. You’ve started the next level of contact with them.

This is where I argue that having 100 listeners each week of whom 98 follow through with your call to action is far better than having 10,000 listeners each week but only 50 connecting and engaging with you.

New Clients

This is, of course, a fairly obvious marker of success. And ultimately it’s what you want from your podcast.

I recommend asking all your clients how they found you or why they decided to buy from you. I bet you’ll be surprised by how many say “through your podcast”.

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