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Where Are Your Podcast Listeners And What Are They Doing?

The joy of podcasts is they are mobile, on demand and don’t need your full attention on a screen. That means you can listen to podcasts in lots of different places.

And that’s something you need to consider when you’re making your podcast.

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From a technical point of view you need to make sure that what you’re saying on your podcast can be heard above whatever background noise is going on around your listener.

You also need to think about the frame of mind your listener is in too.

Are they having a relaxing walk or maybe you are helping them get the housework done! If you’re asking them to take notes when they’re driving they’re going to struggle!

Only you will know your audience, but it’s important you do the work to understand where they are and what they’re doing while listening to you.

But why does this matter? Because if you know or at least have an idea of where your listener is and what they are doing at the time they are listening to you then that gives you a real advantage over others who don’t know or haven’t considered that.

According to recent data from OFCOM this is where people are listening to podcasts much of the time

  1. At home relaxing

  2. Doing housework (including cooking and gardening)

  3. While out walking

  4. Traveling in a car or on public transport

  5. At bedtime/before going to sleep

  6. Doing exercise

Obviously there are other places people listen to podcasts but this gives you a good idea.

So bear in mind that your listeners will likely not have perfect conditions to listen to your podcast without other distractions and background noises.

Don’t expect them to take notes but do point them to where they can find out more. This is normally your shownotes or website. Or both.

And think about the frame of mind your listener will be in - chilled out relaxing? In need of entertainment and distraction whilst cleaning or maybe just fast asleep!

The team at Charlotte Foster Podcasts can help you understand your listener so that your podcast brings you more engagement and donations for your charity.

You can book a call here to find out more.

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