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Podcasts are everywhere...

but yours is nowhere to be seen (or heard!)

You want a podcast to call your own. To show off all your knowledge, help grow your audience and your clients.


But you don’t know where to start. 


  • What should you be talking about?  

  • What order should your episodes go in? 

  • How do you find the time to record, edit and upload your podcast?  (Actually how on earth do you even get your podcast on to Apple, Spotify and Google podcasts once you’ve recorded it?)


And so your podcast is still only broadcasting inside your head to an audience of one, when it should be in the ears of so many more.

I am here to help you.


Hi I'm Charlotte...

It was a Tuesday evening in the late 1980s when I decided I was going to be a journalist. You've got Jason Donovan to thank for that because I worked out if I was a journalist I'd meet him and the next natural step would be we'd get married. The good news is I did meet him and we are now married. The bad news is we're not married to each other.

Fast forward to now and two decades after I was first allowed in front of a live microphone and my CV includes

  • stints at BBC 5 Live and LBC 

  • presenting a popular local BBC radio breakfast show and drive time show

  • handling stories as varied as the campaign to get a Stoke City flag on to the International Space Station (it got there thanks to Tim Peake!) to terror attacks in Manchester and London.


I fell in to podcasting after starting my own hobby podcast about Stoke On Trent and the rest as they say is history!

On Air Sign

I help you create your podcast series so you can grow your audience, increase your clients and start telling everybody about your amazing podcast.



Rather than watching your competitors tell everybody about theirs.

Shonette heard about podcasts in 2018 and knew she wanted one of her own to build her brand as a happiness coach.


But she didn't understand the technical side.


After working with me The Happiness Injection has more than 100 episodes and more than 30k downloads.

TeeJay has used her 18 months of podcast material to launch a book.


She says without The Spark To Your Success Podcast the book would never have happened.

There are two more books in the pipeline.


Podcasting works well for your business because it is an intimate conversation.

  • More than 90 percent of podcast listeners listen to podcasts on their own.

  • Mainly through headphones which limits the distractions of everything around them.

  • You also keep most people's attention from the moment they press play to moment the podcast ends.

  • 60% stay all the way through an episode.

  • 68% stay for most of the episode.


Smash Your First Podcast Series is more than just a podcast editing package.

It includes

  • Planning session - We spend a couple of hours working out what you are going to talk about in each episode. You know your subject like the back of your hand, I know how to take that knowledge and put it in a series so the episodes flow. 
    We also go through tech and kit so you are confident and comfortable recording

  • Recording session over zoom - You have no excuse to put off the recording because we do this together over zoom.
    I will be your sound person and your producer so if you have any tech issues I can deal with them and if you think you might run out of things to say I am there to prompt you. 

  • Editing - The editing is all done by me and the team at Charlotte Foster Podcasts. Leaving you free to get on with running your business.
    Don’t worry, you will get final say about how it sounds!

  • Uploading - Once you are happy with the podcasts they are yours to upload to your preferred host (or I can manage that for you too for a monthly fee) - we’ll work together to make sure you have the correct artwork for your podcast and show descriptions too.

  • Audiogram - For each episode you’ll get an audiogram to use on your social media. An audiogram is an audio snippet which is great at sharing your podcast message. 


All for £1649





Want to find out more?

Just pop your details down and I'll send you over my pre podcast planning sheet. 

This is what I use to get all my podcasts from idea to published.

We'll go through this when we have our free 30 minute chat and then we'll decide what's best for you after that.

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