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Need to get your voice heard?

Are you tired and frustrated at people not knowing who you are and not recognising your business? Are you writing another blog wondering if anybody is actually reading it?
Well stop.
What if I told you having your very own podcast will improve your visibility, increase your creditability, boost your trustworthiness and deliver your message directly into the ears of hundreds of potential clients? Oh and it will save you time when it comes to blogging and doing videos too. Sounds good doesn't it?
1 in 8 people in the UK are now listening to podcast regularly.
Almost three quarters of people who listen to a podcast will listen the whole way through.
More than 90% of listeners are on their own while listening.
You have their attention, they want to hear you.
Don't be late to the podcast party!

Interested? Book your Podcast Power Hour with me where I'll take you through what you need to do to get podcasting, without it being a massive time suck for you.

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How Charlotte Can Help You

Packages And Coaching

Podcast Coaching

For £99 you get a  60 minute one to one session with Charlotte to discuss your podcast.

Whether you've been podcasting for a while or you're brand new Charlotte will cast her ears over your show and help you reach the next level.

Discounts for block booking available - email Charlotte for full details.

Podcast In A Day

You've got the beginnings of an idea for a podcast but you have no idea where to go from here!

The Podcast In A Day package is the answer to your podcast prayers!

You get a 60 minute planning session with Charlotte where you'll map out ideas for your 6 episode podcast series.

If you're not too far from Staffordshire (or happy to pay a bit extra for travel) Charlotte will come to you with her kit to record those episodes. 

You are then left with 6 professional podcasts and social media content in the form of 1 audiogram for each episode.


Sometimes one size doesn't fit all.


You want to start a podcast but you need a podcast producer.

That's where Charlotte comes in,

There are lots of different ways Charlotte can help you from simply editing your recorded podcasts to hosting them herself.

And most bits in between!

Get in touch with Charlotte to find out how you can work together creating your podcast magic.

FYI monthly editing packages start at £350 a month. 


What Our Clients Say

Charlotte's workshop was superb, taking me clearly through each stage of the podcast creation process, from thinking about audience and planning episodes to recording, kit and editing. Highly recommended.

An extremely positive first experience of the art and science involved in creating a podcast. Plenty of hints and tips, dos and don'ts, and expert guidance - all delivered with aplomb and clarity. Highly recommend to SMEs interested in learning how to get started with a podcast in a stress-free, cost-effective session.

If you are not podcasting why not? If it's because you're not quite sure how or why or what to talk about you need to speak to Charlotte Foster. She will make it effortless for you!!! DO IT!!!


About Charlotte

It was a Tuesday evening in the late 1980s when Charlotte decided she was going to be a journalist. You've got Jason Donovan to thank for that because Charlotte worked out if she was a journalist she'd meet him and they'd get married. (Spoiler alert she did meet him. They are now married, sadly not to each other.)

Fast forward to now and two decades after she was first allowed behind a live microphone Charlotte has a long list of accomplishments to her name.

She's worked for national broadcasters (BBC 5 Live, LBC), presented a popular local BBC radio breakfast show and drive time show and handled stories as varied as the successful campaign to get a Stoke City flag on to the International Space Station (thanks Tim Peake!) to terror attacks in Manchester and London. Her passion now is to get you podcasting. So let Charlotte teach you the tricks of the trade so you can podcast stress and hassle free.


Let's talk

Charlotte is looking forward to hearing from you and can't wait to work on your podcasts.

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